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5 Tips for Stopping the Spread of Invasive Species

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The spread of invasive species is one of the biggest threats facing the waterways we love to boat on. If you’re not careful, invasive species can hitch a ride on your boat and trailer from one body of water to another. While some species are visible to the human eye, others are too small to be seen, making it extra important to clean and dry your boat after a day on the water. Here are five tips on how boaters can help prevent the spread of invasive species.

  1. Remove any visible plants, mud and creatures from your boat, trailer, clothes and equipment. Also check your anchor, prop, lines and fenders.
  2. Clean your boat before you leave the launch ramp, rinsing everything that came in contact with the water. If you can, use high-pressure, hot water.
  3. Flush your motor following the factory guidelines.
  4. Drain water from your boat, bilge, livewells, hatches, and any place that might hold water. Before towing your boat home, remove the drain plug to allow it to drain completely.
  5. Allow your boat, trailer and any equipment to dry completely before bringing them to another body of water. Five days is recommended, but check local laws and regulations, which may require longer.
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