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Avoid These Boating Mistakes

We all have those moments when it seems like our brain temporarily shuts off and we overlook something that should have been glaringly obvious.

Those mistakes – whether it is overlooking an important detail or taking something for granted – are bad enough at home. But when they happen on a boat, those mistakes can be extremely costly.

The following are a few mistakes that happen all too often to boaters. Keep these in mind and maybe you won’t have to experience the humbling feeling of having made them.

  • Overloading your boat. Your boat has a maximum weight capacity for a reason. Don’t ignore it, or you’ll learn the hard way that an overloaded boat is more likely to swamp or capsize.
  • Forgetting to put your drive unit up. All too often, a tired boater will end the day by loading his or her boat onto the trailer and then hearing the sickening sound of the outdrive dragging across the pavement. Always remember to put your drive unit up.
  • Not using enough line to anchor. A common rookie boater mistake that occasionally also happens to forgetful experienced boaters is not using enough line to anchor. In calm conditions, use six times the depth of the water, plus the distance from the water to where the anchor attaches to the bow. When conditions are rough, use more.
  • Forgetting to install your drain plug. Nothing will ruin a promising boating day faster than having your boat fill up with water right after launch. Never assume or take for granted that your boat’s drain plug is in. Always double check it.
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