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5 Tips for Offshore Fishing

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Few boating activities can match the excitement and adventure you get from offshore fishing.

Fishing in deep water, you get the chance to reel in huge ocean fish that often give you a challenging fight. If you’re thinking about taking your fishing skills offshore, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Use appropriate tackle.

Bring tackle that is suited for the species you’re targeting and type of fishing you plan to do. Offshore fishing can mean you’ll be trolling with artificial lures, jigging with lures or using bait to bottom fish.

2. Know your knots.

When you’re fighting a huge fish, your knots are going to be your weakest link. Practice your knots beforehand and tie them well.

3. Seek out structure.

Fish gravitate toward structure. When fishing offshore, seek out places with structure such as rocks, reefs and wrecks.

4. Be safe.

Miles offshore is no place to take safety for granted. Keep an eye on the weather and postpone a trip if storms are in the area. Also, make sure you have reliable communication with the shore.

5. Have patience.

Offshore fishing is a challenge. That’s what makes it fun. Remember, even experienced fishermen often come back with nothing. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying and eventually you’ll be rewarded.

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