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Viking View- Weather or Not

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Viking 80
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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps our shipwrights from building a better boat every day, such as this 80 Convertible emerging last week from our New Gretna, New Jersey, manufacturing plant into snow-filled skies. A team of shipwrights pushes the 205,000-pound yacht’s cradle back into the building. Our 150-ton-capacity Travelift will take her to the water.

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The demand for the Viking 80 is at an all-time high, so popular that their builds nearly fill one entire manufacturing line. Above: Electric hoists move the flybridge of hull number 29 up the line where Al Capriotti, Assistant Foreman of Exterior Trim, guides the finely tooled one-piece fiberglass part onto the deckhouse.

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These 2,635-hp MTU Series 2000 V16 M96L diesels and Seakeeeper SK 35 are headed for hull number 32, shown below. The Seakeeper gyro will be mounted aft on centerline in the lazarette. For a rock-solid installation, the powerplants will be mechanically fastened to one-inch-thick aluminum saddles that are bonded to the tops of the stringers in the engineroom.

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In hull number 31, Pete Skudalski Jr. (yellow shirt), lead man of Line 1 Mechanical, helps installers position the port 2,635-hp MTU for installation. This open bridge convertible will serve as a summer demo for Viking. The MTUs deliver a tournament-winning combination of speed, efficiency, range, acceleration and quietness.
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Our 80 Convertible can be built with an open bridge, enclosed bridge or enclosed bridge with sky bridge. Above: An enclosed bridge 80 with a Palm Beach Towers tuna tower is shown at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida. This yacht along with the rest of the Viking fleet will be on display at our annual VIP Boat Show Preview at the Service Center February 1st and 2nd. For more information contact your authorized Viking dealer.
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