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The Viking Difference- Family

The Viking Difference: Family


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Family Owned and Operated

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To celebrate our 55th anniversary this April, the Viking View will be highlighting “The Viking Difference,” a unique collection of core qualities that play instrumental roles in the company’s success and industry-leading stature. Look for this special series on the first Tuesday of the month through early 2019.

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The first component of the Viking Difference is the company’s longstanding family ownership. Brothers Bill (right) and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company on the banks of the Bass River in New Gretna, New Jersey, on April 1, 1964. It has remained family owned and operated ever since. That’s right. One family, 55 years.
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Bill’s son, Patrick J. Healey, is the CEO and President of the Viking Yacht Company. Robert Healey Jr., who is Bob’s son, is the Executive Co-Chairman of the Viking Group, which manages Viking Yachts, large investment portfolios and commercial and residential real estate interests.
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The third generation of the Healey family — Pat’s sons, Sean (left) and Justin — are now fully involved with Viking, representing the company along with their father at fishing tournaments and boat shows. They hold vital positions at Viking and have played important roles in the founding of Viking’s Valhalla Boatworks, a new company dedicated to building high-performance center consoles.

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Forming a grounded and loyal foundation based on family values, Bill and Bob Healey established the long-term stability, trust, loyalty and integrity that has been passed to the next two generations. The Healey practice of thanking shipwrights at the end of the work day, as demonstrated by Bill Healey decades ago and by Sean and Justin Healey just yesterday, serves as a perfect example of these values being carried out.
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Left: Bill Healey visits the factory regularly to make sure the troops are carrying out his mantra of building a better boat every day. Bill’s daughter Kathy Healey along with her daughter Erin and son A.J. joined Bill last fall to celebrate the achievements of the entire Viking family during our annual Employee Appreciation Day. Right: Bob Healey and Bob Healey Jr. address the Viking dealer network at Viking’s Dealer Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey, last fall.

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As a privately owned and operated three-generational family business, we answer only to our unyielding commitment to build the finest yachts money can buy. We look forward to welcoming you into the Viking family.
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Viking Yacht Company, Route 9 “On the Bass River”, New Gretna, NJ 08224
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