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Tips for Striped Bass Chunking

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Anglers around New England are eagerly awaiting the spring striper run to kick into high gear in the coming weeks. When it does, many fishermen will try chunking to attract striped bass.

Chunking is a technique that is effective in a variety of striper environments – from depths of 10 to 60 feet and in many spots known to hold bait fish, such as rock piles, wrecks, deep holes and ledges.

The key to chunking success is using the freshest bait you can get (forget about anything frozen). Mackerel, herring and menhaden all work well. The chunks of bait that you cut up should be firm and slimy.

Have a bucket of bait cut up by the time you reach your target area. Once there, throw a few chunks into the water to create a chum line and attract fish, then keep tossing a few chunks over every so often to keep them interested. When you hook your chunk bait, do it through the top, making sure that the point is exposed.

You can try chunking anytime, but you’ll find the best times are the two hours on either side of the tide change.

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