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The Viking View – Transformers

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Carpentry Department

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More than 90% of every Viking is built in-house, with each department excelling in their area of expertise to build a better boat every day. In the Carpentry Department, Viking hulls become Viking yachts as our shipwrights assemble and install all of the interior components to create staterooms, crew quarters, heads, salons, galleys, pantries, enclosed bridges and other areas. It’s a dramatic transformation, and one you’ll see in this Viking View.
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Carpentry actually consists of two departments – Rough Carpentry and Finish Carpentry, and within Rough Carpentry is a sub-department called Assembly. One of Rough Carpentry’s responsibilities is to transport and secure the deckhouse, cockpit liner and coaming to the hull.
Left: A 92 Convertible‘s coaming (with integral transom box) is readied for installation. Right: The stern of a completed 92 is shown, with its 238-square-foot cockpit finished in teak.
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Outside of the boat in Assembly, a designated team puts together the larger living configurations for the staterooms, heads, pantries, staircases and companionways. These before and after images show a 62‘s port-side guest head and companionway with linen closet.
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In Finish, carpenters build the framework and install the headliners and hull sealers throughout the boat, along with soffits, light blocks and hatch and speaker rings among other things. Cabinets and shelves are installed; doors are hung; tray ceilings go up; and mirrored ceilings, shower doors, baseboards, dinette units and appliances are set into place. Left: A 72 Convertible‘s salon headliner is hoisted into position. The square overhead fixtures shown hold the recessed LED lighting. Right: The final product, with thin strips of finished walnut separating four arrow-straight rows of these dimmable lights.
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In the enclosed bridge of a 92, Finish Carpentry shipwrights build a fiberglass encapsulated grid to support the flooring. Right: The 92 EB’s appointments include an L shaped raised lounge, a walnut cocktail table, a 32-inch HD TV, a refrigerator, custom cabinetry and carpeting.
For more details about our multi-faceted Carpentry Department, you can check out this three-page article in Valhalla magazine.
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