For over thirty years Oyster Harbors Marine has been New England's premier brokerage house for such legendary brands as Abermarle, Jupiter, Legacy, Limestone, Mag Bay Yachts, Regulator, Tiara Yachts and Viking. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of all that experience; list your boat with one of our offices and put the full Oyster Harbors Marine team to work for you!

"...I brought my 15' whaler down to the marina on May 5th. Your yard was crazy with boats and workers everywhere... I was hoping the boat could be in the water by Friday, May 9th. No promises was their reply but we will try. On May 8th the boat was in the water! Your team exceeded my expectations... These gentlemen were polite, courteous, and eager to assist the little guy with perhaps the smallest boat in your yard!!"

- Dave Rose

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Exploring Portland, Maine

November 19, 2015 By Oyster Harbors Marine . No Comments

Ask anyone who’s been there, and you’ll find Portland, Maine, is on everyone’s short list of favorite small cities. And for good reason. Ideally located on the southern Maine coast, Portland has a long maritime history. Today, the histor... Read More »

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