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Make Ready Dock



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Adjacent to the Viking manufacturing plant on the Bass River, our Make Ready Dock represents the culmination of the vertically integrated efforts of a yacht manufacturing company that’s been building a better boat every day for 56 years. It’s the place where Viking shipwrights, engineers, technicians and installers put the final touches on our industry-leading yachts, ensuring their turnkey-ready delivery.
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Leadman Mechanic Luis Medina completes the installation of the starboard VEEM propeller on a 72 Convertible. The same 72 heads out for its shake-down sea trial with a team of technicians and engineers on board. A few days later, utilizing our 150-ton Travelift’s boom hoist, a crew (below) from the Viking subsidiary Palm Beach Towers (PBT) guides the 72’s hardtop into a frame that’s integral to the PBT tuna tower.
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From the foremen to the leadmen to the detailing crew, it’s all hands on deck on the days leading up to final delivery. Before every Viking leaves the nest, Quality Control Engineer Yasser Hassan (right), Naval Architect Joe Snodgrass or Design Engineer and Naval Architect Austin Swain take freeboard measurements at the bow and at the stern quarters. This information becomes part of the boat’s final weight report, which also includes the hull number, model version, tankage, whether it has various options such as a Seakeeper or a tuna tower and other data for a complete snapshot of the vessel’s condition prior to delivery.
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Another Viking subsidiary, Atlantic Marine Electronics, also has a strong presence at the Viking Make Ready Dock, with Electronics Installation Foreman Troy Maxwell (above) and Foreman of QC & Delivery Stephen Mury finalizing installations such as this one on an enclosed bridge model.
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