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Keeping It In-House

Valhalla Boatworks’ in-house manufacturing, resources and experience allow them to personalize each Valhalla, and boats like this V-46 punctuate the stunning results. A white hardtop with matching powder-coated anodized aluminum frame is a perfect match for this Valhalla’s Shimmering Blue hull and custom boot stripe. A pair of white accent stripes sandwich the blue boot stripe, and the proverbial cherry on top is the third accent stripe (red, of course).

Many owners choose to match the hardtop underside with the hull color, which meshes nicely with the polished anodized aluminum frame. This Valhalla presents a fresh twist by mating a white hardtop underside with its white powder-coated frame.

The resin-infused fiberglass hardtop and anodized aluminum framework are designed and manufactured in-house. Valhalla Boatworks utilizes many of the same resources used to build Viking yachts, including the Viking Metal Shop that consists of a welding and fabricating hub and a paint shop with powder-coating technology. Viking pioneered the use of powder coating metal components for increased resistance to saltwater corrosion and abrasion.

The V-46’s custom fiberglass windshield frame stands out as another example of our internal talents. The part is built utilizing Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM). This closed-mold process produces a stronger, lighter and more efficiently built part with an excellent cosmetic finish.

Stay tuned for more images of this Valhalla 46 in upcoming V Reports and on social media. An evolution of Viking excellence, Valhalla Boatworks consists of the V-33V-37V-41 and V-46. For more on the V Series, please contact Oyster Harbors Marine.

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