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The V Report – Stayin’ Alive

Live-bait Fishability
A superior live-well system is essential for boat owners whose fishing success depends in large part on live-bait capacity, location and management. For instance, this V-41 with gap tower is outfitted specifically for sailfishing in Florida, which requires a plentiful variety of fresh, energetic bait. In this V Report, we take a look at the tremendous live-bait fishability of our Valhalla V Series center consoles.
A high-capacity transom live well anchors the cockpit of each
V Series model. The mammoth 90-gallon unit on this Valhalla 41
features an optional clear lid, front window, interior light and the inside is painted in Aristo Blue. All of these design features maximize bait life and help anglers visually keep tabs on their precious cargo. When there is a need to carry more than one type of live bait, additional on-deck live wells can be added to all three V Series models with optional inlet and discharge fittings in the transom corners.
The V Series boats come equipped with a robust Hooker sea chest with a high-speed pickup and a 2500 (GPH) variable-speed pump. The system can be expanded with a larger sea chest as well as more and higher-capacity pumps to accommodate additional live wells, as is the case with the V-41
shown above. With twin 4500 (GPH) pumps and increased sea chest capacity, the system feeds the transom live well, the forward lounge live well and any additional on-deck live bait tanks.
The sea chest is mounted on a raised platform integrated into the bilge. The pumps are mounted outside of the sea chest, easily reached with clear labeling throughout. Each pump has a dedicated control knob at the helm (see inset) to adjust flow rates to keep the bait fish in top form.
Our forward lounge live well has been a big hit, allowing anglers fishing the bow to avoid having to return to the cockpit for a fresh swimmer. An available clear lid, which remains open via friction hinges, can be integrated into the larger hatch door. This space can also be used as a cooler in lieu of the live well.
Future V Reports will focus on other aspects of the high-level fishability of our Valhalla fleet, including rod and tackle storage, outriggers, teaser reels, hardtop design and available gap and marlin towers.
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