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The V Report – Dedicated Production Lines

Each V Series model (V-33, V-37 and V-41) has its own dedicated production line at Viking Mullica, a testament to the focus and commitment we’ve made to our Valhalla Boatworks high-performance center consoles. Above: On the V-37 line, overhead electric hoists move a deck liner into position for installation into the hull.

All three production lines also have designated teams of boatbuilders comprised of experienced shipwrights, such as Steve Clarkson, seen here deftly cutting a fuel fill access area on a V-41 deck liner. Right: An up-close look at the bow of a V-33 reveals her sharp wave-slicing entry. The double chines, bow flare and running strakes are all key design traits that result in a smooth, dry ride.

Like her larger stablemates, the V-33 is designed with a patented double-stepped running surface that reduces drag while increasing speed, stability and efficiency.

Here’s another shared construction characteristic of the V Series: Resin-infused structural stringer grids cored with PVC foam bring stiffness and strength to the build while keeping weight down.

The Valhalla Boatworks V Series will debut at our Sea Trial Event on September 11. For more information, please contact us.

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