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The V Report – Best Fit & Finish

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Striving for Perfection
Our Valhalla Boatworks center consoles are built to the highest levels of fit and finish in the industry. That meticulous attention to detail shines through in this V Report, with our team of shipwrights at Viking Mullica carefully installing a myriad of parts in all shapes and sizes. Franklyn Ramirez, the Lead Man for the Trim Department on the V-37 manufacturing line, is shown above completing the installation of three Release Marine teak helm chairs (with custom upholstery). Each seat moves independently fore and aft via a dedicated electric slide mechanism. Assembling as many components as possible outside of the boat helps make the overall build process more efficient.
Same boatbuilder – different day. Franklyn affixes adhesive-backed rubber gasketing to the dive door of another Valhalla 37. The gasketing sits in a recessed molded-in channel to ensure its precise placement and the door’s watertight fit.
Antonio Laines works on the installation of a V-33’s stainless steel bow roller. Antonio will secure the part, which will hold a stainless steel plow anchor, with bedding compound and through-bolts.
Left: Trim Department installer Jonathan Velez measures for the placement of a stainless steel Gemlux cupholder in a V-41’s forward bench seating module. Right: Jonathan then uses a hole saw to create a receptacle for the part. “It’s all about quality,” says Foreman Obed Santiago, a 23-year Viking veteran who is shown supervising the job. “Everything we touch must be done to our standards. Perfection is what we strive for.” The completed installation – and its custom Shark Grey color – is shown below.
For more information about our Valhalla Boatworks V Series, which includes the V-33, V-37, V-41 and new V-46, please visit our website or contact Oyster Harbors Marine.
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