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The Right Way to Sell Your Boat

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Let’s face it: Selling your boat can be a real headache. With so many details that you can overlook or not understand about the process, selling your boat on your own presents many of the same pitfalls as selling your house on your own. How do you know if you’re getting the best value for your boat? How do you know the best way to market it? Or the best avenues to use for selling it? And what about all the paperwork? That’s why it’s best to leave the boat-selling process to the professionals.

Here at Oyster Harbors Marine, we’re proud of our brokerage crew, made up of some of the most experienced, creative and—most of all—effective brokers in the industry.

Such experienced professionals are like guardian angels for boat sellers, protecting you from pitfalls you might overlook, effectively marketing and maximizing the value of your boat, and generally easing the burden of selling your vessel.

Boaters often don’t understand the costs associated with selling their boat, and they are often so familiar with their own boat that it’s hard for them to see how a buyer would view it. Our skilled brokers can easily explain the boat-selling process. They bring a buyer’s-eye-view to your boat and can help you present it so that the all-important first impression is a home run. And, backed by Oyster Harbors’ skilled technicians, our team can suggest and carry out improvements to your boat that will increase its value.

Our brokers create dynamic marketing plans that give your boat much greater exposure than it would receive on just an online want ads site. We take an innovative, multi-faceted approach, casting a wide net using social media, print and online advertising, newsletters, e-blasts and much more.

Negotiations between a buyer and seller can be a delicate, uncomfortable process, but one that is made much easier when it is managed by a broker. And, once an agreement is reached, a broker can look out for and avoid any problems that could arise and jeopardize the sale.

If you’re thinking of selling your boat and want to learn more about your brokerage process, check out our brokerage page HERE. You can also contact us on our website , or give us a call at 508-428-2017.

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