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Squid Fishing Tips

Come May, as the weather heats up, so does squid fishing throughout New England. That when water temperatures climb to around 50 to 55 degrees and squid move inshore to hunt small prey in harbors, estuaries and coves. Here are a few tips to make sure your squid fishing adventures are a success.

  • Pay attention to the tides. Squid move toward shore on the flood tide and feed through the start of the ebb.
  • During daytime, squid can often be found close to the bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water. Look for them along shoals, channels and in depressions.
  • The best time to fish for squid is at night. Their prey are attracted to light sources, so that’s where squid often gravitate to. Look for them around bridges, piers and lighted docks. You can also bring your own portable light.
  • Use a light rod-and-reel outfit and squid jigs (oblong lures with upturned spikes).
  • Jig color is important for squid fishing. Pink, red and fluorescent green are all good colors for the job.
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