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Routine Boating Maintenance Tips

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One of the best things about a day spent on the water boating is it helps you escape your stress and problems. But a stress-free boating day can quickly turn stressful if you don’t keep up with proper maintenance of your boat. Here are a few routine boat maintenance tips to help you keep your problems on land.
• Top off your fuel tank before you leave the dock, and then check it again when you return. If you find your engine is burning too much fuel, you need to have it checked. Do the same with your oil.
• Before hitting the water, inspect your hoses, fittings and tanks. If they’re leaking, they could damage your motor or, worse, become a fire hazard.
• Regularly check your hull and engine cases for signs of corrosion.
• A damaged prop can strain your engine or even leave you stranded. So check it regularly for any damage.
• Inspect your battery connections to ensure they’re clean and tight. And check your electrolyte levels for signs of an overcharged battery.

32 exterior 5

Legacy 32 Exterior. Photo by Tartan Yatchs

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