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Oyster Harbors Wins Regulator Dealer of the Year

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In the world of Regulator dealers, Oyster Harbors Marine is like a sports dynasty. But it would be unfair to compare them to another successful New England dynasty – the New England Patriots.

Unfair, that is, to the Patriots.

That’s because even the Patriots can’t claim to have won 8 titles.

Oyster Harbors recently won the title of Regulator Dealership of the Year for 2017. It marks the eighth time Oyster Harbors has won the prestigious honor.

Oyster Harbors has been a Regulator dealer since 1995 and was one of Regulator’s first dealers.

Regulator is known for building some of the finest offshore fishing boats on the market, and their line of center consoles, ranging from 23 to 41 feet, are an ideal match for the needs of Cape Cod fishermen. These durable vessels have a layout and features that are ideal for fishing, while also having the comforts and amenities to allow for a relaxing day onboard with family and friends.

To learn more about Regulator boats, come see us at Oyster Harbors Marine.

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