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Milestone After Milestone: Everglades 1,000th 243cc And More


1000th Hull

1000th Hull: 243CC

With the resurgence of the center console boat, many claim that they are the leading brand in the category. Others even claim they invented it. We simply say that we have been perfecting the center console for over 20 years. Reaching a significant milestone in late 2020, Everglades celebrated the production of our 1,000th 243cc center console bay boat. A popular and versatile flagship model, the 243cc remains unchallenged in terms of strength, fishability, and ability to tame rough seas. If that wasn’t enough, Everglades engineers and craftsmen were hard at work in 2020 fully-updating the new entry level 235cc, adding upper sport stations to select bay boat models, and are preparing for an incredible limited offering in 2021 that you will have to see to believe. Innovation never sleeps at Everglades. Watch for things to come in 2021.

For parties interested in viewing or purchasing the specially badged 1,000th 243cc, please contact Legendary Marine.

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