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Mag Bay Yachts: A New Company with a Storied History

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On the surface, Mag Bay Yachts is a brand new company, having just started building boats in 2015. But the people behind Mag Bay have a deep, storied history within the boating industry. And for them, Mag Bay is the exciting next chapter in their story.

Mag Bay was officially established in 2015 by Mike Howarth and his son, Barrett. If you’ve been around boating for a while, you might recognize Mike’s name. He was part of the duo that helped create Cabo Yachts, known for being some of the best boats in the world.

In the early 1990s, Mike Howarth and his partner, Henry Mohrschladt, built Cabo from the ground up. Driven by their uncompromising attention to quality, unparalleled fit and finish, and a passionate commitment to customers and boat dealers alike, Cabo gained a stellar reputation for building exceptional boats and the company thrived. The two enjoyed 16 immensely successful years before selling Cabo.

During that time, Mike’s son Barrett began cutting his teeth on boats. Born in 1989, just as Cabo was preparing to take off, Barrett has spent his life immersed in the world of boatbuilding. With such a background, it was only natural he’d one day look to put his own stamp on the industry.

Now, Barrett has teamed up with his legendary father to write a new chapter in boatbuilding. In launching Mag Bay, they’ve gathered together the best team from their old boatbuilding crew and have set their sights on once again setting the industry standard for quality. And, given their history, this story is likely to end with a lot of happy boaters.

If you’d like to find out more about the new Mag Bay Yachts, come visit us at Oyster Harbors Marine in Osterville. You can also visit our brokers in Essex, Connecticut, and East Freeport, Maine.

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