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How to Keep Your Fishing Tackle Organized

If you’re a fisherman, you know how quickly and easily all that tackle can become a disorganized mess.

But a good fisherman is an organized fisherman. That’s because when the fish are biting, an organized fisherman knows how to quickly find all his gear and get out on the water fast. Here are a few tips on keeping your tackle organized.

  • Sort your tackle based on categories such as what species they’re for, their function and where you fish with them.
  • Divide lures based on what they do and what species they are for.
  • Organize soft plastic baits by size and color. Separate them by putting them in plastic bags so they don’t bleed.
  • Keep same-size sinkers or weights grouped together.
  • Organize little items like hooks and sinkers using small plastic containers that will fit in your tackle box.
  • Create labels to make it easy to identify what is in each container.
  • Be willing to purge. If you haven’t used a lure in a long time, toss it. Getting rid of clutter makes it easy to focus on your best tackle.