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Gift Ideas for Boaters

Have a boater on your holiday shopping list? From fishing gear to boating gadgets, there are plenty of great gift ideas to choose from. Here are a few of them.

Tools – Good tools are essential for every boater. A sharp knife often comes in handy aboard a boat. A multi-tool can help a boater tackle a variety of issues that might come up, from repairs to opening a bottle. And needle nose pliers are useful for cutting line or removing a fishing hook. When picking out tools, look for ones that won’t corrode easily.

Personal Locator Beacon – It’s not pleasant to think about, but problems do happen on the water. To be safe, every boater should carry a PLB, which will uses satellites to give their location to rescue personnel.

Boat Shoes – Every boater needs a good pair of comfortable, non-marking boat shoes. These shoes are not only stylish, but they also repel water and provide grip on a wet deck.

Folding Bicycle – If your boater enjoys cruising, a folding bicycle is an ideal addition to their vessel. These bikes are easy to store onboard, and they’re a convenient and easy way to explore the area when you’re visiting a port.

Rod and Reel Organizer – Most boaters love a good fishing trip. But it can be a pain to lug around a bunch of rods and reels, not to mention you risk damaging equipment and tangling lines. But a number of travel carrying cases on the market make it easy to transport multiple rods and reels at once and keep them organized.

Waterproof Electronics Cases – Nowadays, your electronics are almost always with you, including when you leave land. But if you have your electronics on the water, chances are they’re going to get wet. You can protect your iPod, smartphone or tablet by getting waterproof cases to help shield them from the elements.

Shore Boats – If your boater has a large boat, they should also have a small boat. An inflatable shore boat will roll up, making it compact and easy to store on their vessel. And a shore boat is a convenient way to get ashore when you grab a mooring or drop a hook in a favorite anchorage.

Lifejackets – Certainly the most important piece of equipment a boater can own is a lifejacket. Even if your boater already has lifejackets onboard, it might be time for an upgrade. Today’s lifejackets are stylish, comfortable, and some don’t inflate until you hit the water.

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