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See What Our Clients are Saying – George Ellinger

My father operated a modest marina and fishing station on Long Island, so I grew up with salt water in my veins. As a result, there are not many other 66 year olds who can legitimately claim to have 63 years of boating experience, but I am one of them, for sure. As my own family grew – I am married 42 years with 3 kids and 7 grandkids at this point – it remained clear that boating was in all our blood and we embraced it fully when we returned to Massachusetts in 1980, moving to Cohasset for another tour of duty with Gillette. Crazy, but we bought a boat and found a slip BEFORE we found our house! Priorities, right?

With a permanent slip in the Town of Scituate Marina – in our 32nd year there, BTW – we progressed through a series of smaller boats before “getting serious about a serious boat.” Every reference and every knowledgeable acquaintance guided us in the direction of OHM, where we had the good fortune to meet Dennis Christopher, a gentleman first and a salesman second. We ended up with a brand new 29’ Blackfin Bridge and enjoyed every minute of it for the last few years of the 90’s, but when the new century broke we knew we were ready for more.

Dennis listened to our “wish list” that primarily included cruising and fishing, and encouraged us to sea trial a 31’ Cabo Express. It was love at first sight and when we started crushing 4 footers outside Hyannis Harbor without as much as a shutter, we were sold. Dennis would not let us actually buy the boat until he demonstrated all the other features that make Cabo famous, such as the immaculate fit and finish, teak woodworking and electric harness management. He arranged for a plant tour later in the process and we were able to customize a few features along the way, which was a nice touch.

Whether cruising the islands and Maine, watching whales off Stellwagon or fishing the Monster Shark Tournament, that 31’ Express was all we could ask for – solid, safe and pretty as a picture (see first attachment) – until the grandkids came along and we needed a little more space. Enter Dennis and exit with a 35’ Cabo Bridge, for all the same reasons. OHM set us up with all the right, state of the art electronics (thank you, Ron Larkin) and Peter Maryott, who runs OHM, made certain the rest of the aftermarket “stuff,” like hardtop, enclosures, outriggers, etc., were all first class. My family and I thank them all!