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Fluke Fishing Tips

New England fishermen have a special place in their hearts for fluke. This species (also known as summer flounder) is known for being aggressive and active, even when the midsummer heat has made other species lazy. Here are a few tips for targeting fluke.

  • Natural bait works best with fluke. They love sand eels or strips of bluefin or squid.
  • Fluke can often be found near the inlets of estuaries and rivers where baitfish get pushed out to sea on the outgoing tide. Look for them here along sloping channel edges or hiding behind something like a boulder.
  • Any place where a rip makes conditions tough for small baitfish, you’ll find hungry fluke there to prey on them. Uneven bottom around sandy shoals creates a rip. Another spot that can create a rip is sloping bottom extending from a point of land.
  • Large fluke can often be found lurking along the edges of structure such as wrecks and rocky areas.
  • If a trough between sandbars has enough baitfish, it will attract fluke.
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