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Fishing for False Albacore

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At this time of year, fishing for false albacore takes center stage in the waters off Cape Cod. Albies generally arrive in the region in late August and are usually found around the Cape through mid-October.

False albacore like to chase small baitfish. They can drive anglers mad because they can be very selective and hard to fool. Anglers hunting for them should be prepared with plenty of different lures to try and find what works. Fishermen hunting albies often have good results using shiny metal spoons and small jibs that imitate their prey. Flies are also effective.

Albies also have unpredictable feeding patterns. They might only feed on certain tides or certain times of day, so fishermen need to do their homework on how they’re behaving this season.

False albacore can be found wherever baitfish are. Good places to look for them are areas with a strong current and clean water, such as the mouths of rivers and inlets.

Good places to fish for albies on Cape Cod are the Elizabeth Islands and the northern waters of Martha’s Vineyard from Gay Head to Cape Pogue. Albies are also often found between Woods Hole and Popponessett.

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