Brokerage Difference

The Brokerage Difference

Selling your boat can be an intimidating process. You need to know how to get the most value for your boat, how and where to best market it, and then there’s all the details and paperwork. It’s a lot you need to know, a lot to consider, and a lot of potential pitfalls.

To ensure the sale of your boat goes smoothly and that you get the most value for it, put the job in the hands of trusted professionals. Our team of brokers are experienced, creative and exceptionally effective, and they’ll make sure the sale of your boat is done right.


Since 1987, Oyster Harbors Marine has provided customers with outstanding service. Our award-winning sales team has more than 170 years of new boat and brokerage sales experience. They’ve seen it all and can expertly navigate the often complicated waters of a boat sale.


In today’s marketplace, you need a marketing plan that is dynamic and innovative. Oyster Harbors’ brokers will create a marketing plan that will give your boat much greater exposure than you’d get from just an online want ads site. Using such avenues as social media, print and online advertising, newsletters, e-blasts and much more, our marketing plans are designed to cast a wide net.


Our brokers can help you maximize your boat’s value and ensure that a buyer’s all-important first impression of your boat is a great one. Backed by Oyster Harbors’ skilled technicians, our team can suggest and carry out improvements to your boat that will increase its value. And they’ll use their sales expertise to make sure the often delicate and uncomfortable negotiation process is smooth and easy.

If you’re thinking of selling your boat and want to learn more about the brokerage process, contact us on our website HERE or give us a call at 508-428-2017.