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Nicoleta “Nikki” Pennacchia embarked on her maritime career on the bustling docks of prominent yacht clubs, initially engaging in roles from managing fuel docks to piloting launches. Her early experiences include serving as a deckhand on a tugboat and a party boat, crafting a foundational skill set in maritime operations. Demonstrating her commitment to public service, Nikki contributed her talents as a volunteer firefighter within a New York department renowned for its robust volunteer marine unit.

While pursuing her legal education at Roger Williams University Law School, specializing in maritime law, Nikki simultaneously managed and detailed yachts out of Newport, Rhode Island. This hands-on experience in yacht management during her law studies gave her a practical understanding of the industry’s nuances, enhancing her legal training with real-world maritime insights.

After completing her Juris Doctorate, Nikki transitioned into maritime insurance, serving as a lawyer at a Lower Manhattan Protection and Indemnity Club. There, she managed a diverse portfolio of cases for commercial shipping leaders like Maersk, covering issues from personal injury to piracy. Her profound understanding of maritime law was pivotal in resolving complex international maritime and insurance claims.

Nikki’s career progression led her to the role of Harbor Master and Marine Facilities Director at one of America’s oldest yacht clubs, where she became the first woman in the club’s 143-year history to hold the title. During this period, Nikki furthered her education by pursuing a Master’s in Business Management from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, enhancing her leadership skills and business acumen.

Today, as a yacht broker with Oyster Harbors, Nikki leverages her comprehensive maritime experience and robust legal and business education to offer unparalleled service to yacht enthusiasts and owners. Her unique blend of operational expertise and legal knowledge ensures that her clients receive informed, strategic guidance in their maritime ventures

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