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Boating with Kids

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Introducing young children to the joys of boating is a thrill for both you and them. But having kids on a boat also presents its share of challenges, such as keeping them safe and keeping their attention. Here are some tips to help make your kids’ boating adventure a success.

  • Everyone needs to wear lifejackets. Sure, it’s important for children who are inexperienced on a slippery, unstable boat. But it’s also important for you because you need to keep yourself safe first if you’re going to keep your kids safe (And you should set a good example).
  • Teach kids that there are strict rules to be followed on a boat. While boating is fun, they should know there are dangers and they need to act responsibly. That means no running onboard and no hanging your feet over the bow.
  • Have plenty of food and drinks. Most kids seem to always be hungry and thirsty. Make sure they have all the food and drinks they need for the day and then some.
  • Be prepared for the weather. Bring sweatshirts and rain gear, even if you don’t think you’ll need them, and lots of strong sun screen and bug repellant.
  • Keep children engaged and interested with activities. Fishing is great for kids. Plan a picnic and go swimming. Have them look for buoys, markers and landmarks or challenge them to see what they can spot for marine life.
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