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5 Tips for Docking Your Boat

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One of the most challenging parts of boating is docking your vessel. The thought of trying to dock a boat in crowded areas or tricky configurations can keep boaters up at night. But by following a few tips, boaters can quickly master the art of docking.

1. Take it slow. If you approach the dock slowly, you likely won’t cause as much damage to your boat if you hit it as you would moving fast.
2. Factor in conditions. Think about how the wind, current and your momentum could alter your boat’s course as you approach the dock.
3. Small bursts of power are best. Using short bursts of power to move toward the dock will keep you from having too much momentum and allow you to easily correct mistakes.
4. Turn before you power. Turning your wheel before you apply power keeps you headed toward your target and prevents your boat from moving unpredictably.
5. Ask for help. Don’t try to do everything yourself. If you have passengers onboard, ask them to help fend off as you approach the dock.

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