Viking 42′ update

Like a freight train rolling down a straight track on a steep hill, work on the new Viking 42 Convertible continues at a rapid pace in anticipation of the yacht’s introduction at the upcoming fall boat shows. This will be our first pod-drive system boat featuring a Cummins Zeus package and new progress is realized every day.

Admittedly, this is the smallest Viking we have built in some years, and the size of the hull mold is diminutive compared to some of the enormous hull molds for the 82 and 76 Convertibles. But, the 42 Convertible is pure Viking so it represents everything you have come to expect from Viking, albeit in a compact package.
In the hull lamination, for example, you can see the vacuum-bagged high-strength Baltek anti-fungal coring in the bottom. In areas where hull penetrations exist, such as through-hull fittings and the pod drives, laminations are solid fiberglass.

Work also is chugging along in other areas, including the construction of the plug to create the mold for the center console helm, a scaled down replica of the tournament proven helm used aboard the 42′s larger siblings.