Oyster Harbors Named One of Tiara’s Top Dealers November 15th, 2016

The 2016 model year proved to be a successful one for both Tiara Yachts and Oyster Harbors Marine.

During this year’s annual Tiara Yachts dealer conference, attended by dealers from around the globe, Tiara announced that Oyster Harbors Marine was one of their Top 10 dealers during the 2016 model year.

Oyster Harbors Marine was Tiara’s sixth-best dealer overall, and tops in the Northeast.

“Our company’s strategic plan and innovative new products, paired with our focused dealer organization has made for an extremely successful 2016 model year,” said Tom Slikkers, President and CEO of S2 Yachts. “We are grateful for our dealer network’s collaboration and support, and thank all of our dealers and partners for their contributions in helping to continue the growth and momentum of the Tiara brand.”

At the conference, Tiara also announced that 2016 was a record year in retail sales and market share growth.

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