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SeaKeeper Gyroscopic Stabilization January 25th, 2017

Oyster Harbors Marine offers custom installs on our boats of the SeaKeeper Gyroscopic Stabilization for Boats.

Watch the video on Testing Seakeeper: Gyroscopic Stabilization for Boats and the link below on sea reports data. Search the boat brand, and the performance report will appear.

For more Information, visit our Electronics page or Contact us.

Helpful Boating Apps December 15th, 2016

Technology has an impact on almost everything we do today, often making things a lot better and easier — including boating. Thanks to modern technology like smartphones, boaters now have an enormous amount of useful information right at their fingertips. Here are a ...Read More

FURUNO USA October 24th, 2016

DRS4DNXT, the NXT step with Doppler Radar technology! The Furuno DRS4DNXT is the next step in Radar evolution; a Solid-State Radar with pulse compression, Target Analyzer™ and Fast Target Tracking™ utilizing Doppler technology. Combined with FURUNO exclusive RezB...Read More