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Exploring Plymouth, Massachusetts November 16th, 2017

Being among the most historic destinations in the United States, Plymouth, Massachusetts would have a lot going for it even if it didn’t have a gorgeous waterfront, wonderful restaurants and interesting shops and museums. Having those attractions makes Plymouth not on...Read More

Cruising to Kennebunkport September 22nd, 2017

  Kennebunkport, Maine is almost like a mini-Newport, with an upscale downtown packed with tourists during the summer and featuring amazing restaurants, marine facilities with impressive yachts, and a coastline dotted with beautiful houses and stately mansions. ...Read More

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Tips July 24th, 2017

Hunting for bluefin tuna makes for some of the most exciting fishing available in the Northeast. These fish can get huge – some can be larger than 10 feet long and weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They’re also know for putting up a serious fight, requiring anglers to b...Read More

Boater’s Guide to Hyannis, MA July 18th, 2017

Hyannis, Massachusetts is famed for being the favorite place for the Kennedys to spend their leisure time. But you don’t need to be a wealthy tycoon or a future president to enjoy this lively Cape Cod village. Hyannis attracts visitors of all economic statuses and pol...Read More

Cruising to Portsmouth, New Hampshire June 7th, 2017

Portsmouth, New Hampshire has quietly become one of the Northeast’s premier boating destinations. This Granite State seaport has experienced a renaissance in recent years, and today boaters flock to the area to enjoy its great fishing waters, historic downtown and int...Read More

The Limestone 26 Cuddy: The Ideal Family Boat May 30th, 2017

For those who enjoy boating with the family, it doesn’t get much better than the waters around Cape Cod. This diverse, interesting region offers a tremendous amount of activities and natural beauty for families to enjoy – from seal-watching near Chatham to the im...Read More

The Magic of Mystic, Connecticut April 19th, 2017

As the home to a world-class aquarium and a historic seaport that is essentially a living museum to New England’s maritime past, it is no wonder why Mystic, Connecticut is one of the region’s most beloved boating destinations. To get to Mystic from Long Island So...Read More

Exploring Chatham, Massachusetts March 16th, 2017

Of Cape Cod’s many exceptional ports, Chatham is a favorite destination among boaters for its charming village, beautiful beaches, and world-class fishing. The area around Chatham is constantly being reshaped by powerful coastal storms, so boaters should get up-...Read More

Boater’s Guide to Bar Harbor, Maine February 22nd, 2017

With its picturesque coastline of rocky cliffs, verdant forests and mountains that rise up from the sea, Bar Harbor, Maine is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. That legendary beauty combined with its downtown of diverse, interesting shops and high-quality resta...Read More

Boater’s Guide to Cohasset, Massachusetts January 24th, 2017

With its beautiful, historic waterfront, scenic parks and interesting shops and restaurants, the town of Cohasset on Massachusetts’ South Shore is an inviting, enjoyable boating destination. This idyllic coastal community southeast of Boston boasts a beautiful, pro...Read More

Boater’s Guide to Wellfleet, Massachusetts December 7th, 2016

With its gorgeous historic homes, a lively downtown and amazing natural beauty, Wellfleet, Massachusetts represents the best of Cape Cod and is a must-visit for any New England boater. When navigating in Wellfleet Harbor, boaters should pay close attention to the tides...Read More

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Cruising to Salem, Massachusetts October 12th, 2016

You likely know Salem, Massachusetts for its witchy past. Walk around the city today and you’ll find plenty of shops devoted to witchcraft, psychic arts and other mystical hobbies. But there’s more to Salem than its Halloween-themed attractions. It’s also a histor...Read More

Cruising to Cuttyhunk July 19th, 2016

A short cruise from Cape Cod, the island of Cuttyhunk is a favorite among boaters for its beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, protected harbor and wonderful fishing. Located at the southern end of the Elizabeth Islands, Cuttyhunk offers exceptional views of Vineyard...Read More

A Boater's Guide to Newport June 21st, 2016

There is little argument that Newport, Rhode Island, is hands-down New England’s premier boating destination. The former hotbed of America’s Cup yacht racing, Newport has a storied boating history and culture, a lively waterfront, world-class restaurants, interestin...Read More

A Boater’s Guide to Newport June 21st, 2016

There is little argument that Newport, Rhode Island, is hands-down New England’s premier boating destination. The former hotbed of America’s Cup yacht racing, Newport has a storied boating history and culture, a lively waterfront, world-class restaurants, interestin...Read More

Introducing Your Kids to Fishing June 14th, 2016

For you and your buddies, enjoying a day of fishing is easy. You just need some hungry fish. But for young kids, a fun fishing adventure is often more complicated than that. To get your kids interested in fishing, there’s a good amount of thought and planning you n...Read More

Whale Watching Tips For Boaters June 7th, 2016

  The waters off Cape Cod are known for being among the best places in the world for whale watching. That includes Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, located off the northern tip of Cape Cod, at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. The sanctuary is famous for...Read More

Exploring Boston Harbor April 28th, 2016

*Photo by New England Boatings co host & editor, Tom Richardson Once an afterthought, Boston Harbor is now one of the crown jewels of New England’s largest city. Today, most of the harbor’s 34 islands are part of a national recreation area filled with histori...Read More

Cruising to Block Island February 17th, 2016

There’s something about boats that appeals to the explorer in all of us. Perhaps all boaters have a taste for adventure, attracted to the alluring idea of leaving land, venturing across the water and coming upon a new place to explore. Few places in New England rewa...Read More

Cruising New London, Connecticut January 5th, 2016

New London, Connecticut, might be the most underrated port in all of New England. But as the home of a vibrant art and music community, with historic attractions and featuring some of the best boating and fishing in all of the Northeast, this is a city that should n...Read More

Exploring Portland, Maine November 19th, 2015

Ask anyone who’s been there, and you’ll find Portland, Maine, is on everyone’s short list of favorite small cities. And for good reason. Ideally located on the southern Maine coast, Portland has a long maritime history. Today, the historic charms of its wat...Read More

Exploring Provincetown September 28th, 2015

  With its mix of a lively arts scene, diverse restaurants, drag-queen shows and salty fishermen, Provincetown, Massachusetts, is arguably the most eclectic port in the Northeast, and a must-see destination for every boater in the region. Occupying the la...Read More

The Unique Appeal of Woods Hole July 23rd, 2015

  It’s pretty safe to say there’s no other place quite like Woods Hole on Cape Cod, or probably anywhere else in New England for that matter. On one hand, Woods Hole is a small, picturesque coastal village where you can walk or pedal a bike along quie...Read More

10 Great Dock and Dine Restaurants on Cape Cod May 7th, 2015

  One of the advantages to being surrounded by water is Cape Cod has no shortage of fantastic waterfront restaurants. And at many places you can tie up your boat right at the res...Read More

Vineyard Haven February 25th, 2015

 Few places can seamlessly blend the history and beauty of a quaint New England seaport with the excitement and life of a bustling tourist community quite like Vineyard Haven   This Martha’s Vineyard town is the kind of place where you’re likely to see an ...Read More

Vineyard Haven at Night