Cabo 36 Express January 25th, 2012

A Refined Classic!
CABO Yachts Introduces The New 36 Express.

From its inception in 1991, CABO Yachts has distinguished itself among sportfishing boat builders. Since the introduction of its first 35, the company has repeatedly set the bar for quality, innovative design, inventive engineering and the application of state-of-the-art materials. The result is a fleet that has been often imitated, but not surpassed in its ability to satisfy even the most demanding sportfishing enthusiasts.

“The new 36 Express is undeniable proof that CABO Yachts has continued it’s dedication and commitment to its customers to provide the best sportfishers built anywhere.” – Greg Bourque, CABO Yachts founding team member and Director of Business Development.

The new 36 Express is a clear example of CABO’s commitment to excellence and willingness to listen to customers. Its predecessor, the 35 Express, has been immensely successful—with CABO delivering nearly 400 since it took the market by storm in 1994. The 35 Express has clearly become a classic, and the new 36 looks to build on that solid reputation. Greg Bourque, one of the original owners of CABO Yachts who recently rejoined the company, stresses the importance of CABO’s history in leading the development of future products. “We now build 12 models ranging from the 32 Express to the new CABO 52 Flybridge—and every model has been driven by the needs of our customers. Some wanted to stay with CABO but needed a larger boat; others required a model with more range. Then there were those looking for the latest in propulsion technology—like the new CMD Zeus pod drive system. By listening to their needs and incorporating their ideas, every model has hit its mark.”

Greg’s comments reflect CABO’s roots in what he calls the companies DNA. “Not every boat owner aspires to move up in size to the 40 or 50 foot range. The beauty of the boats we offer in the 30 foot range is that they can go offshore and compete with the big guys when needed, but are much more manageable and far less complicated to own and run.” Greg confesses his own appreciation for the larger CABOs. “I love our new 52 Flybridge, but I believe the most exciting new CABO is the 36 Express. This boat takes everything that was great about the 35 and with its new Michael Peters hull, brings its offshore performance to a level not often seen in a boat of this size. I am sure that anyone looking for a new boat in the mid 30-foot range will be amazed at what this new model can do. I know it’s a winner because it is a CABO from stern to stern.”

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