Tiara and “Elegance in Evolution”

April 23rd, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine



When boat companies wish to tell customers about their boats, they often have a lot to say without much time or space in which to say it. They may want to talk about their boats’ beautiful lines, their style, performance, engineering, luxurious amenities and much more. It’s often enough to write a short novel, but they’re tasked with boiling it down to just a few words.

For Tiara Yachts, their boats’ engineering, performance, style and layout is perfectly captured by the phrase “Elegance in Evolution.” It’s only a few simple words, yet it says everything.

While they’ve produced luxury boats for more than 60 years, Tiara Yachts has never been one to rest on its laurels. Just as high-end luxury home designs, car designs and even appliance designs have evolved rapidly in recent years, the folks at Tiara have made sure their high-end vessels also evolve. Designers have transformed boats from their classic styling to a incorporate a more modern aesthetic, with fresh interior colors, distinct architectural features as well as a blend of traditional appointments, while still encompassing Tiara’s heritage of building high-quality and high-performance crafts. That modern elegance is embodied in Tiara’s latest models, the 50 Coupe, 44 Coupe and 50 Flybridge.

“We looked at everything we were delivering to consumers and made a concerted effort from planning to engineering and through production to deliver more modern elegant designs,” says Tiara’s marketing director David Glenn. “The material choices, the exterior colors and paint choices and finishes all are purposely chosen to elevate the new products’ luxury and performance.”

The folks at Tiara Yachts can move so seamlessly toward the future because of their experience in doing so in the past. Throughout their history, Tiara has constantly been at the forefront of cutting edge design and technology. Glenn says that’s due in large part to founder Leon Slikkers, who is still involved in the company, and his son (and Tiara CEO) Tom, who has worked closely with his father in the development of all-new product and future planning. For more than 6 decades, Tiara has had an eye on the future. They continue that today.

To experience “Elegance in Evolution” for yourself, come to Osterville and check out our inventory of new and pre-owned Tiara Yachts.

Viking 52

April 22nd, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Tiara Yachts Newsletter

April 17th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine
Jupiter Legacy Limestone Regulator Tiara Viking
31 Coronet
31 Coronet
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Tiara Coronets
50 Coupe 50 Flybridge 44 Coupe
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The New Tiara 44 Coupe Grabs Headlines

April 9th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine


44LandingImage3There’s a saying that any press is good press. That may or may not be true, but one thing that is true is great press is . . .well, great. So it was exciting to see that one of our favorite boats, the new Tiara 44 Coupe, recently received some great press when it got star treatment in Power & Motoryacht magazine.

In a large spread in the middle of the magazine, the article praised the Tiara 44 Coupe’s combination of high-tech and high-style. And, for those of us familiar with Tiara Yachts, it’s no surprise they loved it.

The Tiara 44 Coupe features cutting edge technology best exemplified by its Garmin Glass Cockpit command system that allows the captain to use a joystick while at speed rather than only for slow maneuvering. The author even goes so far as to describe the at-speed control of the joystick as a sort of “tipping point” for boating technology that makes more sense than a wheel.

It’s that kind of forward thinking that has made the Tiara 44 Coupe a hit not just for its technology and handling, but also for its layout. “This boat has a lot to recommend it for cruising,” states the article. The luxurious accommodations include a two-stateroom, two-head layout. Tiara’s designers also place all the social areas on one level, connecting the helm, saloon-galley and cockpit. The result is a boat that is ideal for socializing with friends and family, and the perfect cruising vessel for a weekend trip to Nantucket or a visit to the Boston waterfront.

To read the Power & Motoryacht article on the Tiara 44 Coupe, CLICK HERE

And if you want to learn more about the Tiara 44 Coupe, or any other vessels from Tiara Yachts, come visit us in Osterville.


Striped Bass Fishing Tips

April 2nd, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine
Photo by New England Boating/Tom Richardson

Photo by New England Boating/Tom Richardson

Warming spring temperatures might have some people thinking about gardening or baseball. But when temperatures warm, Cape Cod fishermen have one thing on their minds: striper fishing.

Striped bass are one of the most popular fish for anglers in New England. The elusive, unpredictable striper makes for a fun opponent for sport fishermen. As the water warms, stripers begin migrating north, and that’s when the chase is on.

In spring, stripers are on the move all around Cape Cod. And when they are migrating they are easier to catch, as they feed more voraciously than fish who are sedentary.

When on the hunt for stripers, keep an eye out for birds. As stripers feed on baitfish, they chase them to the water’s surface, where birds enjoy feeding on them. So, if you see birds, there might be stripers underneath them.

You’re also best fishing at dawn or dusk, or even night. Stripers are heat-sensitive, so they can be lazy during the daytime. But when the sun is low, they feed more aggressively. Another tip to keep in mind is that stripers like to see what they’re eating, so the color of your lure matters. Go bright when the water is murky. When the water is clear, use a more natural-colored lure. And, considering how nomadic stripers are, be sure to stay on the move. That hotspot you hit the other day can get cold in a hurry.

6-Elizabeth-IslandsLuckily for us, Cape Cod is full of great places for striper fishing. Stripers can turn up many places, and disappear as well. But there’s a few spots where the striper fishing is pretty reliable. The Elizabeth Islands are known to hold big fish throughout the season. With big boulders and strong currents, the Vineyard Sound side of the islands are a popular place for targeting stripers. The south side of Martha’s Vineyard is also a popular hunting ground. Check out Devils Bridge, Squibnocket and the area known as “Parkers.”

monomoy-ripsTo the east, the waters off Chatham and Monomoy Island are a constant hotspot, thanks to strong currents, prominent bottom structure and lots of baitfish. Explore the areas around Bearses and Pollock Rips, which are well-known striper hideouts. To the north, the waters off Provincetown from The Race around to the so-called “Golf Balls” are legendary for their striped bass fishing.

Good luck!




Wondering how big a 41’ Regulator will be?

March 30th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine


Wondering how big a 41’ Regulator will be? –

Take a look at photos from day 1 of the first hull build and this week started off with an exciting event as Regulator pulled the hull for 41. This Carolina Blue boat is drawing lots of attention with so many impressed by its size and beautiful gel coat finish.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos as the NEW Regulator 41′ is built.

Available Fall 2015. Taking Orders Now

View Our Regulator Inventory 

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The health of your boat lies in the details

March 27th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine

1352Cleaning can be a dirty job. Walk in when we’re in the middle of one of our boat detailing projects, and it might not look pretty as we go through every inch of your boat looking for dirt and problems. But come back when we’re done, and you’ll see a boat that looks like it just came out of the factory.
Boats are no different than your car. They need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, or little problems can soon become big problems. That’s why we at Oyster Harbors Marine take pride in our boat detailing services. Our detailing is good for the health of your boat . . . not to mention making it look downright beautiful.1351
A boat’s gel coat is porous. If it isn’t cleaned, waxed and polished on a regular basis, it will fade and dull out. Aluminum requires cleaning and waxing, or the anodized finish gets dull and spotty. Wood needs to be treated. Over time, dirt and grime builds up in the nooks and crannies of your deck and cabin. Even windows need to be attended to, as they can develop salt spots.
Our detailing service is a comprehensive cleaning and renewal of your boat. We wash, clean, compound as needed, wax and polish all smooth fiberglass surfaces. We repair any fiberglass chips or gouges. All aluminum and stainless hardware is waxed and polished. Your boat’s bottom paint is renewed. The boat’s cabin is completely cleaned and all surfaces, including cabinets, get wiped down. Hi gloss and matte finishes are serviced, and all glass is cleaned and polished.
The result is that when you get your boat back and ready for the boating season, she looks like she did when you first got her.
Speak to our service manager to ask about our detailing services at our location in Osterville, Massachusetts. You’ll feel like you have a new boat again.

Viking’s new 52 Sport Tower is Turning Heads

March 19th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine


While winter is still clinging to life here on Cape Cod, our friends at Viking Yachts will be down in sunny Palm Beach, Florida, next week enjoying the warm weather as well as the attention being given to one of their exciting new vessels.

Viking 52 Sport Tower

Viking 52 Sport Tower

The Viking folks will be at the 30th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, which starts on March 26. The show features boats of all shapes and sizes, from small inflatable dinghies to yachts more than 150 feet long. But one boat sure to turn plenty of heads is Viking’s new 52 Sport Tower.

A new model for 2015, the 52 Sport Tower is built on the hull and running surface of the popular Viking 52 Convertible. It has a stylish, climate-controlled three-sided deckhouse with a command bridge deck with helm and companion seating, plus U-shape lounge seating aft with a teak table. Overhead rod lockers are built into the fiberglass hardtop, and there’s a Palm Beach Towers’ custom-designed aluminum tuna tower, for when you want to chase giants off Martha’s Vineyard or in Cape Cod Bay.

The 142-square-foot cockpit is an ideal workspace for Cape fishermen, with recessed in-deck fish box and stowage bins, a transom fish box, insulated coolers and more. But the Viking 52 Sport Tower is also a great vessel for cruising, whether you’re visiting Chatham for the weekend or dropping a hook in a secluded cove in the Elizabeth Islands. The air-conditioned salon and galley are inviting for both overnight trips and long-range cruising. The spacious master stateroom has a private head, and the layout features a second head plus one or two additional staterooms.

The introduction of the Viking 52 Sport Tower will soon be followed by two additional Viking 52 models. The Viking 52 Sport Coupe will be perfect for cruising throughout New England, while the Viking 52 Open will feature a custom-made signature fiberglass wraparound windshield that is extremely popular on the Viking 42 Open.

Come see us in Osterville, Massachusetts to talk about any of the great boats from Viking Yachts. And be sure to check out our inventory of new and pre-owned boats.


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Spring Commissioning Tips

March 13th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine


After one of the coldest, snowiest winters in recent memory, New England boaters are itching to get out on the water. With warm weather creeping in and winter loosening its grip, you can almost feel the spray and the summer sun as you speed out to Vineyard Sound or cruise to Chatham. But you don’t have to wait for every snow bank to melt before you prepare for the boating season. Begin your spring commissioning now so your boat is ready to hit the water as soon as the boating days are upon us.

First, now is the time to give your boat’s exterior some TLC, as you won’t want to do it once it’s in the water. Check for any blisters or cracks and do any repainting or repairs as needed. Wash your hull and give it a fresh coat of wax. Also, inspect your propeller for any dents or dings, which can sap your fuel efficiency.IMG_9720

Few things will crush the excitement of an early season boating day faster than a dead battery. Make sure yours is charged and its connections are clean. Once charged, top off your battery with distilled water.

Your boat’s engine compartment can be a cozy place for mice to hang out and chew wiring during the long winter. Make sure your wiring and electrical connections are in good shape. Top off your fluids, check your oil and see if you need to change your spark plugs and fuel filters. Also, inspect your hoses and clamps and replace them if necessary.

Make sure to inspect your dock and anchor lines for chafing, and make sure your bilge pump is properly working. Spring is also a good time to check your expiration dates on your flares and fire extinguishers.

Finally, if you trailer your boat, making sure your trailer is ready for the season is as important as your boat being ready. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and in good shape. Check your tread and your sidewalls for cracks. Inspect your lights and brakes, and grease your wheel bearings. Also check your trailer frame for rust, and do any sanding and painting if needed.


Unveiling the Regulator 41

March 4th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine


Regulator is getting big . . . literally.

For years, Regulator Marine has made some of the industry’s finest sportfishing boats. With models ranging in size from 23 to 34 feet, Regulator has handcrafted offshore vessels that have exceeded anything in their class; vessels we’ve been proud to feature at Oyster Harbors.

41' regulator. The Offshore Life

41′ regulator. The Offshore Life

Now they’re making their biggest boat yet, the Regulator 41. They unveiled plans for the Regulator 41 at the Miami International Boat Show last month. And the 41’s spacious layout combined with Regulator’s high-quality craftsmanship make this luxury sportfisher look amazing.

Powered by triple or quad Yamaha 350 engines, the 41 features unprecedented fishbox and livewell capacity. It has a huge helm station with seating for three, plus intelligent storage and tackle center options.

When it comes to relaxing with friends and family, the roomy 41 has all the creature comforts and amenities you want for entertaining. It features a convertible sunbed table, built-in coolers in the mezzanine seating behind the helm, and a starboard dive door. It also includes a deluxe double berth, a fully-equipped galley and an enclosed shower and head.

Regulator is accepting orders now, and the 41 will be available as early as this fall.

Learn more about the Regulator 41.