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New Legacy Yachts at Tartan Marine Company

December 3rd, 2014 by Oyster Harbors Marine

The first newly molded Legacy motor yachts are emerging at Tartan Marine Company. On the heels of Tartan’s recent announcement about the launch of Legacy by Tartan, production of the first boats has begun at the factory in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. The new boats all employ Tartan’s resin infusion process, including the use of synthetic structural foam cores and multi-directional e-glass reinforcements, all infused under vacuum. The resulting laminations have optimum glass to resin ratios and are tightly compacted for light weight and high strength. The process also uses the industry’s best modified epoxy vinylester resins throughout the lamination, producing hulls, decks and component parts of uncompromising strength with sensible weight savings. The company is so confident in the integrity of the products that Tartan is able to offer a hull that boasts a 15 year structural and 15 year blister warranty.

Pictured below is a Legacy 32 hull after infusion, and prior to the structural grid being set in a high strength adhesive, followed by the hull being carefully released from the hull mold. The next step is for the assembly crew to begin installation of the engine, onboard systems and interior components.

Note the trademark V sections forward and wide aft chines and centerline flats.  The V’d sections offer a great ride in tough conditions and the wide chines and centerline flats allow the hull to get on plane at low speeds.

For additional information, please visit www.legacy.tartanyachts.com or call (440)388-0957.

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Legacy by Tartan at Oyster Harbors Marine!

September 9th, 2014 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.14.21 AM

Tartan Yachts, established manufacturer of sophisticated sailboats, recently launched a line of cruising power boats, Legacy by Tartan.

Legacy by Tartan power boats are classic, graceful, “down east” style cruisers with modern features and conveniences. Legacy yachts offer stability through wide chine flats while superior technology allows low speed planing for efficiency at typical cruising speeds. Tartan’s advanced composite manufacturing techniques and distinguished interiors balance the design, making Legacy yachts a masterpiece of performance and elegance.

According to Peter Maryott, the Vice President of Oyster Harbors Marine, “The Legacy line offers a great compliment to Oyster Harbors’ line-up and will provide our customers with a great choice for traditionally styled motor yachts.”

The area Oyster Harbors Marine represents includes a high concentration of Tartan owners and a market that appreciates the high quality build that Tartan has established over its more than 50 years of building great performing, handcrafted sailing yachts.


We will be showcasing a Legacy by Tartan at the Newport International Boat Show September 11- 14.