Oyster Harbors at the New England Boat Show

February 9th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

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February is one of the most exciting times of the year for boaters in New England.

That may come as a surprise to you if when you think of February you think of snow, ice and freezing temps – the antithesis of everything boating.

But February is also the time of year for the New England Boat Show – the Northeast’s largest boat show and its premier winter boating event.

This year’s show will take place February 13 to 21 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Featured at the show will be boats of all shapes and sizes – from dinghies and sailboats to cruising yachts and sportfishing vessels. Additionally, there will be more than 250 exhibits of the latest marine accessories, plus boating seminars and informational clinics.

The New England Boat Show is an event that is not to be missed. And we’ll certainly be there with several of our best boats on display. Among them will be two exciting newcomers to Oyster Harbors, the Albemarle 25 Express and the Mag Bay 33 Center Console. We’re looking forward to having boaters see firsthand why we’re so thrilled to have Albemarle and Mag Bay onboard at Oyster Harbors.

Also at the show, we’ll have other popular boats such as the Tiara 31 Coronet and the Legacy 32. For boaters looking for a serious fishing vessel, we’ll have three models from Regulator on hand – the 23 FS, 25 FS and 28 FS  – as well as two models from Jupiter Marine – the 26 FS and 30 FS.

For more information on the New England Boat Show, check out www.newenglandboatshow.com

We hope to see you there.

Mag Bay Yachts: A New Company with a Storied History

February 9th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

OHM_slider_MagBay_Jan2016On the surface, Mag Bay Yachts is a brand new company, having just started building boats in 2015. But the people behind Mag Bay have a deep, storied history within the boating industry. And for them, Mag Bay is the exciting next chapter in their story.

Mag Bay was officially established in 2015 by Mike Howarth and his son, Barrett. If you’ve been around boating for a while, you might recognize Mike’s name. He was part of the duo that helped create Cabo Yachts, known for being some of the best boats in the world.

In the early 1990s, Mike Howarth and his partner, Henry Mohrschladt, built Cabo from the ground up. Driven by their uncompromising attention to quality, unparalleled fit and finish, and a passionate commitment to customers and boat dealers alike, Cabo gained a stellar reputation for building exceptional boats and the company thrived. The two enjoyed 16 immensely successful years before selling Cabo.

During that time, Mike’s son Barrett began cutting his teeth on boats. Born in 1989, just as Cabo was preparing to take off, Barrett has spent his life immersed in the world of boatbuilding. With such a background, it was only natural he’d one day look to put his own stamp on the industry.

Now, Barrett has teamed up with his legendary father to write a new chapter in boatbuilding. In launching Mag Bay, they’ve gathered together the best team from their old boatbuilding crew and have set their sights on once again setting the industry standard for quality. And, given their history, this story is likely to end with a lot of happy boaters.

If you’d like to find out more about the new Mag Bay Yachts, come visit us at Oyster Harbors Marine in Osterville. You can also visit our brokers in Essex, Connecticut, and East Freeport, Maine.

New England Boat Show

February 3rd, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Just Add Fuel

January 28th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Just Add Fuel Incentive

Unveiling the Viking 48 Convertible

January 22nd, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine


As boat show season kicks into full gear, excitement is building around Viking Yachts.

The boating world is eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the brand-new Viking 48 Convertible, which the company plans to debut at the 20th Annual Viking VIP Boat Show Preview in Riviera Beach, Florida, January 29 and 30, and then officially unveil at the Miami International Boat Show in February. The buzz is that this new 48 Convertible is an exceptionally stylish, luxurious, exquisitely designed vessel that is a dream for both cruising and fishing.

unnamed-2With a hull designed to pierce through head seas and keep spray down, the Viking 48 Convertible is built to provide boaters with a smooth, dry ride even in rough seas. And powered by MAN diesels, it has the giddy-up to get anglers offshore in a hurry.

The large, 124-square-foot cockpit is ideal for fishermen, with its ample stowage, a transom fish box, drink and bait coolers, recessed fish and stowage wells, and a split observation mezzanine. The spacious, airy command deck has three pedestal seats, plus L-shape port and starboard molded fiberglass consoles with stowage and available refrigeration. Each console is complemented with a pedestal mounted table and generous seating.

The Viking 48 Convertible’s large interior has an inviting three-stateroom, two-head layout, and a spacious salon and galley. The lush interior features hand-finished teak joinery and spacious appointments throughout the salon, including a flat screen television with surround sound. An L-shape lounge and dinette anchor the area for relaxing, dining and entertaining. To port, the galley is accented with Cambria treatments, under-counter refrigeration, a microwave/convection oven and plenty of stowage. Inviting accommodations in two staterooms include a queen-size bed forward with private access to the head. A starboard stateroom has upper and lower berths.

If you’d like to find out more about the new Viking 48 Convertible, come visit us at Oyster Harbors Marine in Osterville. You can also visit our brokers in Essex, Connecticut, and East Freeport, Maine.

A Good Time Was Had By All

January 21st, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine
The Viking View
The Viking View

A Good Time Was Had By All

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The 20th Annual Viking VIP Boat Show Preview completed another successful run at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, this past Friday and Saturday. The two day event, which attracted nearly one thousand guests, provided an elegant on-water showcase of the world’s finest convertible sportfishing and motor yachts, as the entire product line from 42 to 92 feet was represented by Viking and its prestigious domestic and international dealer network. 

Over 100 sea trials took place in the Atlantic Ocean, which included ample opportunity to experience the Viking fleet in real world conditions. The event also saw the unveiling of two new models, the 48 Convertible, and the 80 Enclosed Bridge Convertible, which were very well received and added to our swelling backlog of boats on order.  

Viking president and CEO, Pat Healey also used the event to announce expansion plans for the Viking Yacht Service Center, and our subsidiaries Palm Beach Towers and Atlantic Marine Electronics in the Palm Beach area. Excitement and applause also greeted his announcement of a new Viking 72 Convertible that will launch in the summer as a 2017 model.  

In keeping with its intimate boat show theme, guests also enjoyed the wares of nearly 50 vendors displaying a variety of services, boating and fishing equipment, marine accessories, engines, propellers, hardware, and navigation, communication, security and entertainment  electronics to outfit their new boats, as well as upgrade their current vessels. 

Your next chance to experience the Viking Difference is coming on February 11, 2016, the first day of the Yachts Miami Beach boat show on Collins Avenue. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Viking View

Boat Propeller TLC

January 14th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine


Your boat’s propeller is as essential to a perfect boating experience as water and sunshine. But boaters often take props for granted . . . only to regret it later. Neglecting your prop can end up costing you more in gas, damaging your boat or leaving you stranded on the water. Give your boat’s propeller the same care and attention you give your engine by maintaining it regularly.

Remove your boat’s propeller several times over the course of the boating season to check if fishing line or other debris has wrapped around the shaft. If it has, have a professional inspect the gear case, as fishing line can often cause gear case leaks.

Look for any imperfections on your propeller. A damaged prop can hurt your boat’s performance, make it less fuelefficient and even cause more serious problems. Carefully examine it for any nicks, dents, missing pieces or other signs of damage. Look at your prop from the side to see if it is bent. If there are no visible signs of damage, there may still be problems with your prop if your boat has been vibrating or you’ve noticed a drop in speed or fuel economy.

Be sure to use plenty of waterproof grease on your propeller shaft to keep corrosion from locking it up. Make greasing the prop shaft part of your regular boat maintenance routine. Also, check that the propeller’s nuts and fittings are all tight.


Finally, it’s a good idea to carry a spare prop with you in case of on-the-water emergencies. It may keep you from being stranded offshore, and having a spare allows you to keep boating when your main prop is being repaired.


How to Sharpen Your Fishing Hooks

January 8th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.25.40 PM

With New Year’s behind us, we’re entering that time of the season when it seems winter drags on forever. For many anglers, this time of year is especially hard. With their boats in hibernation, most recreational fishermen are stuck on land, and they’re left to dream of warm fishing days to come as it seems the cold winter days slow to a crawl. But fishing isn’t all about the thrill of the catch. There’s other work to be done. And smart fishermen know to make the most of these fishless winter days. One way to do that is to spend this time sharpening your fishing hooks.

A good fisherman always wants to be sure his hooks are in great condition and ready for action before he hits the water. To do this, start by inspecting your hooks and toss out any old or rusty ones. Any hooks that look good might still be dull. Test this by lightly dragging the point of the hook across your thumbnail. If it digs into your nail, it’s sharp. But if it slides across it, it needs to be sharpened.

You should have a simple hook file handy. If you don’t, get one. Everyone fisherman should have one. Hold the hook firmly between your thumb and forefinger and then push the file across the angled cutting edge of the hook. Don’t saw the file back and forth. Make sure to push the file away from you with each swipe. Just three or four swipes should do the trick.

Next, turn the hook over, hold it in your other hand and file the other edge, remembering to push the file away from you. A few swipes along the base of the point should remove any burrs. When you’re done, test it again by lightly dragging it along your thumbnail. When all your hooks are sharpened, you’ll be that much closer to the start of the fishing season.

See how Tom Richardson from New England Boating sharpens his hooks here: 

Cruising New London, Connecticut

January 5th, 2016 by Oyster Harbors Marine

Tours of the famous New London Ledge Lighthouse can be arranged through the Custom House Maritime Museum. Photo by New England Boating's Tom Richardson

New London, Connecticut, might be the most underrated port in all of New England. But as the home of a vibrant art and music community, with historic attractions and featuring some of the best boating and fishing in all of the Northeast, this is a city that should not be overlooked.

The city is located along the banks of the lower Thames River, near Long Island Sound and Fishers Island Sound. It’s also a short cruise from Block Island and eastern Long Island. And New London’s waterfront has experienced a rebirth in recent years as officials have worked to make visiting boaters feel welcome in the city. The result is easy access and plenty of facilities for boaters.

Considered by many to have the finest harbor in Long Island Sound, New London has an inviting wide, deep harbor. But it is busy and frequented by ferries, freighters and the occasional submarine, so pay attention while navigating. To enter the entrance channel, pass close to the outer channel sea buoys, Fl G “1” and Fl R “2.” Be sure to leave New London Ledge Light, on the west side of New London Ledge, to starboard.

New London has a mooring field off Custom House Pier, along with a free dinghy dock and a secure visitor’s center with restrooms and showers, all within easy walking distance of the downtown shops and restaurants. There’s also City Pier, which offers overnight slips on 6 floating docks with power and water. For information on facilities at the piers, call 860-443-3786 or use VHF 9 or 12. Crocker’s Boatyard;  800-870-1285; VHF 9, in Shaw Cove, features transient slips, a fuel dock, haul-out service, repair, WiFi, a pool, laundry, showers and more. Burr’s Marina; 860-443-8457; VHF 9 offers transient slips and moorings, fuel, ice, water, power, WiFi, showers, marine store and laundry. And Thamesport Marina; 860-442-1151, VHF 9, on Green Harbor, offers transient slips, fuel, water, power, WiFi, ice, showers, a marine store and a restaurant.

Once ashore, you’ll find a city with art galleries, plenty of interesting shops and restaurants, and historic streets lined with attractive buildings designed by some of the nation’s greatest architects. Visitors can learn about the history of the Coast Guard by touring the Coast Guard Museum; 860-444-8511. Also worth a visit is the Custom House Maritime Museum; 860-447-2501, which was built from 1833 to 1835 by the designer of the Washington Monument and is home to the oldest continuously operated customs house in the country.

The Lyman Allyn Art Museum; 860-443-2545 is housed in a neoclassical building on 32 landscaped acres, and it features galleries showcasing mostly American art. Also popular among visitors is Fort Trumball State Park; 860-444-7591, which has a fishing pier, serves as home base for the Coast Guard training barque Eagle, and has a visitor center with interactive exhibits for both adults and kids.


Introducing Albemarle Boats

December 29th, 2015 by Oyster Harbors Marine

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These are exciting days here at Oyster Harbors Marine, as we’ve recently added a new member to our team. And this addition is a true all-star.

Oyster Harbors Marine is now offering Albemarle Boats. These attractive, stylish express boats are among the best offshore fishing boats on the planet, renowned for their superior ride, exceptional fishability and unparalleled quality.

Featuring express boats ranging from 25 to 41 feet, plus a 41-foot convertible model, Albemarle vessels are built for hardcore fishermen who want to battle tuna far offshore and be able to keep fishing when rough weather sends lesser boats scurrying for the dock.

Albemarle boats have spacious, uncluttered cockpits equipped with oversized fishboxes, livewells, rod holders right where you need them, and more of the best tools fishermen want. Their roomy, luxurious cabins packed with amenities mean you can overnight in comfort. And, thanks to the sturdy construction and innovative design of these fuel-efficient sportfishing boats, you’ll enjoy a smooth, dry ride and feel confident when the seas turn nasty.

To learn more about Albemarle Boats, come visit us at Oyster Harbors Marine in Osterville. You can also visit our brokers in Essex, Connecticut, and East Freeport, Maine.